Different Stages of Male Hair Loss

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Several men are experiencing hair loss these days, due to certain causes. If you are one of them, then you need to understand the stages first before undergoing the treatment option. In this article, you will learn about 7 stages of hair loss in men and treatment options too.

Compared to women, men are more prone to lose hair. There are several reasons behind hair loss in men, sometimes they lose hair due to improper hair care, unhealthy diet, consuming too many drugs which affect hormonal health, and some other causes. Apart from this, some people are suffering from hair loss due to too much stress and anxiety, which also results in male pattern baldness.

In this case, you need to consult a doctor to get the best hair loss treatment according to your condition. You may need to undergo hair transplant surgery to get rid of male pattern baldness properly. A hair transplant is the only treatment option to get desired and permanent results. First, let’s have a look at stages of male pattern baldness.

Understanding Male Pattern Baldness

As we stated above, male pattern baldness refers to extreme hair loss in men. To get the treatment for it, you need to understand the stages of male pattern baldness.

Here are its stages:

Stages I and II: The stage I and II cover light hair loss, in which your hairline begins to recede slowly. And in these stages, you cannot notice any type of changes in the crown hair.

In Stage I, you experience mild hair thinning as well as a slight recession that you cannot simply notice. But after some time, it leads your hair thinning to Stage II. In stage II, you start experiencing baldness near the temples and results in an M-shaped hairline in a lot of men.

Stage III-: In this stage, baldness becomes noticeable and more visible. You start noticing there is no hair in the temple area. In this stage, your hair starts shedding from the top of the head and bald spots become more visible. In addition to this, you cannot treat this type of hair loss simply without treatment options.

Stage IV: In Stage IV, you are suffering from male pattern baldness, which results in too many bald spots on the entire head. And then your hair thinning at crown becomes noticeable and you will surely start losing large patches of hair from the back of the head. This is the stage, where you have to seek medical help to get rid of baldness.

Stage V: This stage V is also known as the horseshoe-shaped hairline, this is a severe stage, in which it is so difficult to treat hair fall.

Stage VI and Stage VII-: Most of the men experience extreme hair loss in this stage. They almost lose every hair on the head and complete baldness happens.

If you are suffering from stage VI and VII, male pattern baldness, then you can only treat it with the help of surgical treatment. You need to find the best hair loss specialist, who can first examine your condition, and then offer you the right treatment according to your condition. He may recommend you hair transplantation, which is specially designed for men with male pattern baldness.

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