How to Cope Up With Anxiety Disorder During Pregnancy?

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Anxiety disorder is very common among men and women. Especially when the woman is pregnant it can lead to anxiety disorder. If you do not take proper care and consult the doctor then it can make things difficult. In this guide we have shared the ways to cope with an anxiety disorder during pregnancy.


Living with anxiety disorder can be very difficult when you are pregnant. The Generalized Anxiety Disorder linked with the disorder can prevent you from enjoying the experience of the pregnancy. If you experience chronic stress and feel like you cannot control your thoughts then you should consider visiting the best Psychologists in Ludhiana.

How common is the problem?

Around 6% of the population experience GAD in their lifetime. The disorder is twice the time common in women as compared to men. The occurrence of social anxiety disorder is very common in pregnant women. The rate of GAD during pregnancy is around 8.5 percent to 10.5 percent

The problem can go undiagnosed and it can be difficult to tell what is the difference between normal worrying. Also, women have always been the one who worries a lot about everything. During pregnancy, the body goes through different changes due to hormones, social obligations, and mental state.

The GAD tends to be highest during the first trimester and this can affect the women to enjoy her pregnancy. However, in many cases, the anxiety disorder can come along with depression which can affect your health and your child’s health is extremely vulnerable.

If you are facing a problem then you should consult our Psychiatrists in Ludhiana and they will let you know how to deal with this situation.

What are the possible risks and complications?

One of the studies has shown that GAD and depressive disorder can result in depression and it can result in a poor quality of life. If the condition is not treated then it can lead to different complications like preterm delivery, high blood pressure, neurodevelopment of the baby, high blood pressure, and failure to progress during labor. Once your baby comes, you might have trouble managing the newborns’ demands and may not be able to bond with your child.

Treatment for Anxiety Disorder

Treatment for GAD during pregnancy includes therapy, medication, or psychoeducation. The treatment will be given according to the patient’s condition and how severe the symptoms are.

  • Psychoeducation is essential in the initial stages and during the diagnosis the treatment will be done which will help to reduce stigma and denial and the patient will be given successful treatment.
  • CBT therapy is used in the cause of GAD along with the medications. CBT therapy will include exposures, cognitive restructuring, mindfulness therapy, and relaxation training.
  • Medication is used when the case is very severe. The doctor will prescribe you the one which suits your condition.

If you have GAD and expecting, then make sure that you take support from your family and friends.

Is it safe to take medication during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, many women wonder if it is safe to take medications. You should consult the doctor and do everything according to what they said. The doctor will let you know if there’s any type of risk if you take a certain medication. For more information consult the doctor by booking your appointment today only!

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