Is card counting viable in casinos?

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There are a lot of ways that players try to get the best of the casino and win more and card counting is one of the most commonly known and used tricks to do this. Card counting has been used by many players in the past to predict the odds of a certain event happening and then placed their bets on it to win good amounts of money. But these days, casinos are wary of card counters and thus keep a sharp eye on the players to avoid any incident of card counting that can shift the odds in any players’ favor.

Card counting requires a lot of effort, takes hours to execute, and can be easily detected by casino officials. It is frowned upon to count cards in a casino and you can be booted from the table if caught. Also, the advantage that players gain by counting cards is a mere 2 percent and you can still lose money after counting cards. This is because card counting is more difficult than it used to be and the rules are stricter for most of the games and thus it is getting harder to make any good amount of money using card counting. A few decades back, it was common to see big bets being made on card games as card counting was easier and gave better returns back then. Also, these days, if you perform any move based on card counting, you will most probably be booted from the table as it is likely that you will be caught.

But, card counting is not dead and can still be executed by following certain strategies that include betting low limits, learning, and using counting systems that are not that popular and might not get caught by casino employees and reserving the play of counting for the most opportunistic games. Simply put, be conservative in your technique and use money wisely to live and fight another day. Another expert suggests that you should look out for heat and be selective in the games you use card counting in. It is recommended to be used in a double-deck game with 1.1 or 1.2 decks before shuffling and also ensuring that the blackjack rules allow doubling after splitting which is very important if you want to win big. Also, you should act like a gambler and spend limited time at the table along with using the occasional strategy in the game to avoid any undue attention that can result in getting caught. Avoid making any rookie mistakes in the game and play with cover. Even though card counting has become difficult over the years, these tips can help you gather good profits and enjoy the experience.,ret_img/

In fact, the slow and steady approach with card counting can help you accumulate huge profits over time in casinos. Card counting was dismissed as a poor strategy by many players but these days, card counters are using a different approach by going into the casinos without hiding anything and spending huge amounts until they are caught and thrown out. This strategy is useful for players who want to make a profit by counting cards but not for those who like comps offered by the casinos to loyal customers as they are likely to be thrown out soon when the casino finds out about their card counting. But still, the payouts are not as good as they used to be before and it can get hard for card counters sometimes as you need to jump from casino to casino very frequently to remain viable. But remember not to quit unless you are asked to do so by the casino as this will help you play your advantage as long as you can.,ret_img/

Another master blackjack player, Tommy Hyland, says that card counting is still viable even though the games were better a few decades ago along with naïve casino personnel which allowed them to get away with card counting easily. Good games these days include a lesser number of decks, good penetration, dealers standing soft on 17 as well as surrender. Surrender is good for when the card counting gets high and also helps protect you from fluctuations in the game. He also says that most of the casinos are not very smart and vigilant and you can easily get in a few hours of gambling before being caught. Aggressive playing is also emphasized by the expert as he says when you play a tame game, you risk losing your own bankroll which is not a good prospect and even if you get kicked out of a casino, it is not difficult to find another one where you can count the cards and make good money.

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