Silma Marketing A 5-Minute Guide to SEO for Blog Posts

A 5-Minute Guide to SEO for Blog Posts
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If you’ve already created great blog content, optimizing it for a variety of platforms is a good way to expand the reach of your blog.

A blog post that specifically uses several on-page SEO strategies will increase your chances of being ranked in search engines and will bring more visitors to your website.

What are your tactics for optimizing your blog posts?

It’s not as hard as you think!

The most popular blogging platform in the world, WordPress, is used to publish 24 blogs every second. Being in the top 100 is tough because of this. The competition is fierce, and to be among the top positions on Google Search 1st page, you have to fight hard.

In this post, you will learn some SEO strategies for optimizing a blog post in a short amount of time. Considering the headline of this post is “5 minutes or less to SEO a blog post”, exploring the best SEO strategies will take only 5 minutes. Let’s begin!

1. Include keywords

In order to make your blog less competitive, use long keywords when you are first writing it. For example- SEO services, SEO agencies NJ, best SEO firms NJ, local SEO firms NJ, etc.

For better results, most marketers choose long-tail keywords over small or one-word keywords.

All tags must contain the same or similar keywords, and all words must be separated by commas only.

  1. Make the title and header appealing

In order to enhance your blog’s search engine ranking, the title is crucial.

Your article or post will be more relevant to a search query if it has a good title. As long as the article appears on the search engine, the reader is more likely to click through and read it.

Also, I suggest you create a headline that is appealing and catchy. Click-worthy headlines can be written in several ways.

In SEO, CTR (click-through rate) and EMV (emotional marketing value) are important formulas.

For more tips, see the articles that have gone viral due to the headlines.

  1. Popular media

If you want to add drama to your blog, add images or videos. Gifs, memes, comics, illustrations, etc. are also effective at grabbing the eye of a reader. Visual content, infographics, and more have always been loved by the audience. Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are where most people spend their free time.

Remember to include images between the paragraphs since readers get bored just reading plain text. Since they are unable to spend enough time reading every word on blogs.

  1. Engage bloggers

I think it’s time for you to connect with other bloggers. You should tell them what you’ve created. You mentioned and linked to all those bloggers before, right? Fast and efficient, it produces almost instant results.

Immediately post to Facebook, Google +, Twitter, or Instagram. I often find twenty to forty shares on social media when I send out my post and check it out later.

  1. Keep track of your old posts

The majority of bloggers who are just getting started forget about their old posts and articles after they have been published. Your posts should be optimized and updated regularly. If you want to continue to improve your ranking, you should optimize your old posts regularly.


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