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Health effects of Juul or e-cigarettes

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Many people consider that inhaling e-cigarettes is not harmful, and it is the best supplement to smoking cigarettes. It is because of the e-cigarettes do not have the tobacco content init. It is known as the carcinogen. But the fact that people have to note that more than tobacco e-cigarettes and smoking cigarettes contains similar chemicals, most of them are deadly harmful to the user’s health. Juul is one of the popular e-cigarettes. After the surge of this, many companies are on the front line to work more with the e-cigarettes. The major isĀ juul australia , which is well known initially, and then only every country started following this.

This article is going to break down the health effects that Juul gives to the users and some of the other basic things about Juul.

Health effects:

juul australia

The four major deadly components in all the brands of e-cigarettes are

  • Nicotine we have more knowledge about this component
  • Acetamide, this compound is used in the solvents
  • Formaldehyde
  • Benzene, this compound is also known as a carcinogen

Not all of the mentioned components are in the e-cigarettes, but at least two will be resent init. One of the studies about Juul has reported that benzene in e-cigarettes is always on the point of risk to health because the significant risk that comes from smoking cigarettes is because of tobacco and benzene.

While the other study reported that the test has made from the adult who is using Juul and is not using e-cigarettes, this shows clearly that their urine test has five different types of chemicals. In contrast, the person who is not consuming the e-cigarettes does not have any substances with the test. Another major problem that arises with this Juul or e-cigarettes is they do not disclose what the products or chemicals they are including init are. People think they are consuming or inhaling fewer amount of chemicals, and it is not harmful, but researches are not reporting in the same way.

Side effects by e-cigarettes:

  • Nicotine use can cause any number of side effects that affect the organ and the organ system.
  • Nicotine inhalation ways to increase the risk of blood clots
  • They produce atherosclerosis.
  • Significant impact by the breathing of nicotine leads to peptic ulcers
  • The heart rhythm can get change
  • The last and another considerable influence of the nicotine is lung spasms.
  • When teens inhale it, then it causes brain damage to them.

Many dentists are reporting that their patients who are vaping can experience the damage of tooth, get cavities, and other dental issues. Even the tooth’s enamel is also damaging, and if it is damaged, it cannot be reversed with anything.

Still, the longterm health effects by Juul are under the research because this is very new to the professionals who are all on the health side. So it is taking more time to report about Juul and e-cigarettes in detail. Until now, they do not find any basic good things about the e-cigarettes, and they are highly insisting on the teens not to inhale because of the side effects.

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