How to download videos from Instagram?

download video from instagram
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Instagram and Facebook do not allow you to download videos or pictures directly from the app itself. So that is why there is this guide to help you download video from instagram . It consists of a step by step method to download the Instagram video.

download video from instagram

Before, even using the downloader you will only be able to download videos and pictures one by one. But now the best part is that you will be able to download videos and pictures without any difficulty. Because you will be able to download insta videos and pictures in a bulk quantity. But, make sure that you have the permission to download from the creator.

Follow these steps to download videos in bulk from Instagram

This method will allow you to download videos and pictures from Instagram in bulk. This can be used both in Windows and Mac OS. The only requirement for this to work is that you need to have google chrome installed in your device. Follow the below steps to get started with downloading videos:

  1. The first step is to open google chrome.
  2. Now, Download “Downloader for Instagram + direct message”

You should download this in the Chrome Webstore

  1. After the compilation of the installation of “Downloader for Instagram + direct message”  go to Instagram.
  2. Go to install and open the profile in which the required videos for download are available.
  3. Once you find the required videos you can just hit the download button and download the videos that you need in a bulk order

Note that this can be done only for PC. Do not try this on your Android mobile.

  1. In the same way, you can download Instagram story also.
  2. Open the story you need to download and then click the download button. If you need to download all the stories that are updated in that particular profile then give download all to download all the stories
  3. If you want to download videos and pictures in bulk, you can always give the download all button in the top left corner. And then select the range of pictures you need to download and also you can give some advanced settings that you will prefer to give to download the videos and pics in bulk

Instagram: Download Instagram videos and stories on your phone itself

The earlier instruction that was given is purely for computers. There is also an easy way to download videos, pictures, and stories on Instagram. Follow the below steps to easily download Instagram videos and pictures

  1. Go to
  2. After going to that site. Click tools
  3. After that click Instagram downloader
  4. If you want to copy some particular pictures. Then go to the account and go to that particular picture and click the three dots in the left corner of the picture. Now copy the link of that photo and come back to the Ingrammer page.
  5. Go to the download video option and then paste the link that you have copied.

This is the same procedure, even if you want to download stories of even videos.

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