Silma Marketing Likes and Comments: Your Options

Likes and Comments: Your Options

buy automatic instagram comments
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You’ve probably heard of it, and you may even have been approached to buy fans or followers and likes for your social networks. The goal is to pretend that you are very popular and that your publications are successful. Not really, it is typically the wrong good idea and we will explain why in this article. Now and have the best solutions.

What are buying fake fans and likes?

There are providers who are providers of false followers and false likes. You pay a certain amount and, within a very short time, you have one hundred, thousand, ten thousand new followers who appear on your account. The legal framework is still rather vague and the sellers fall between the cracks by playing on the too imprecise laws.

buy automatic instagram comments

Social networks themselves have left a lot to be done, but the trend is to tighten control. We find a fan or likes buying services for all social networks: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. The prices vary according to the providers. But overall, it doesn’t cost you too much and you instantly overtake some of your competitors. It is quite tempting to see the community of your social networks soar without having to work on them.

Be careful before you embark on this adventure. Once you’ve bought fake followers, if you understand that it wasn’t a good idea at all, you’re going to spend a lot of time cleaning up your accounts because you’re going to have to start over. Think carefully before embarking on an expensive business that you may regret.

Buy fans: who are they?

Typically, click farms generate these fake fans and sell them to wholesalers. These wholesalers then resell them to you, or there are sometimes one or two other intermediaries’ panels, sites, and platforms. These factories designed to get you famous have thousands of SIM cards. Computers manage these. By automating processes, click farms produce a staggering number of fake fans.

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Having fake followers can temporarily improve your popularity. You artificially create traffic on your social networks to try to improve your SEO. But you should never forget that these are dummy accounts, empty shells. There is no one behind these nicknames and they do not interact with your content. They are just automated to like or enlarge the follower counter.

The first risk you take in buying fake fans is that your prospects will do a basic check. The deception immediately appears in the open. And there, it is your credibility that takes a hit. You devalue yourself. A lack of notoriety following a deception of this order is difficult to recover. You especially risk a bad buzz that could cost you dearly.

The visibility of a page

If you have created an account on any social network, it is to circulate your information and reach potential or already existing customers. On your page, you will communicate on your news, your news, your promotions.

Engagement rate

The engagement rate is a crucial issue on social networks. It corresponds to the number of interactions of your fans in relation to your publications. The number of comments, likes and shares are counted and the ratio is calculated based on the number of your fans.

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