Silma General Practical Options for the Smart Call Connection Service

Practical Options for the Smart Call Connection Service

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Men’s Health shows you how to control your car better immediately. Many experts has endured 2.5 kilometers in the Skoda Fabia R5 rally car. In the passenger seat. For the call dvla this is important now.

You have to feel it: the power

Das said, but the Jedi wisdom from Star Wars is also true for the car, not a rally driver. Your mobile pedestal is powerful, but also dangerous. You need to feel this cold heap of metal to control it. You practice. Start at a low speed and go slalom, just as you do in safety training. Next: Accelerate and then: Full braking. Try to steer at the end of braking, provided the road is wide enough.

You don’t have a 500-meter driveway in front of the door? Find an undisturbed and sufficiently wide side street. We trust your common sense that you don’t try it on a bridge. Both exercises give you a feel for how you and your car react in extreme situations.

If in need: “Step on it.” Brake hard.

Many drivers do not brake hard enough if the car has to be stopped immediately. Hit the brakes with all the strength your leg can give. This applies to emergency situations. In the city, you should rather not roll up to the traffic lights and suddenly hit the iron. Why? Chances are that the person behind you has not kept enough distance from you. Too little distance means too short reaction time and that means sheet damage.

call dvla

Solve the situation

The next tip requires trust in yourself and your car. So it builds on point 1. You now know how your car feels. Drive pro-actively. In short: don’t be a victim. Your car will start to swim, don’t let it slide off the road. Do not be afraid. You have to try to actively solve the situations instead of just sitting there and being a passenger of your destiny.

Adjust speed

It has become common to say: Only drive as fast as you feel comfortable. But be sure to only drive as fast as the circumstances allow. Innocent drizzle can quickly become dangerous if other weather conditions frost, dirty road surface come into play. The following also applies:

Anticipate more

We’re not alone, Frank Zappa sang. Construction site? Autobahn exit? Yellow light at the traffic lights? Don’t just think of yourself and your own driving behavior. Pay attention to the other cars, because there is a similarly planned person in there like you. Always drive with foresight. If there is a school nearby, there are also children nearby.

Fast your seat belts

Buckle up and always. Are you driving 300 meters to the bakery? Buckle up. Do you want to park the car? Buckle up. Why? Because you think of rolls when parking and not that another driver who is shooting around the corner is distractedly fiddling on the radio or cell phone. Zack is sitting on the back of you or you’re driving him in the nose. Do not you believe? Everything has been there, and always.

What mistakes do we all make?

The most common mistake is a timid response. We would all drive safer if we slow down massively in critical situations. The second most common mistake is an overly violent reaction, e.g. B. on the steering.

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