Silma Automotive Reason to replace windshield and types of cracks

Reason to replace windshield and types of cracks

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Autoglass is replacing our vehicle glass replacement. If there is a small crack or chip in the windshield you need to change the auto glass. If you notice any damage to your car windshields, windows, or rear screen that needs to be repaired.

Even a single crack or chip can affect driving. Then it becomes tougher for the driver to drive. The windshield helps the driver to view the surroundings. In case, the auto glass cracked or broken the vision of the drive damage the sight. The windshield is the unit of the vehicle. It gets the protective function. The auto glass is made by using toughened glass like Windshield Leads . If we dive without changing the glass it’s dangerous. So, one shouldn’t neglect to change the auto glass. The auto glass protects from factors like dust, weather conditions. The windshield gives structure to the car. The most important function is lining up airbags. The best quality windshield is made of safety glass, which consists of curved sheets of glass with a plastic layer. Windshield for Motorbikes is made of polycarbonate or acrylic plastics.

High temperature is also a reason, for optimum functions. For heat lacking and high temperatures countries, solar control glass for cars is used.

Common Cracks In Windshield

There are many kinds of windshield cracks, the common cracks are by an object impacting the glass. Sometimes the cracks happen by the rockfall. The crack is also caused by the direct hit of object fall. The dashing of heavy objects causes the breaking in the windshield. The types are

  • Bull’s Eye
  • Half-moon
  • Combination break
  • Floater crack
  • Stress crack
  • Chip
  • Long crack

Star Break:

The crack that happens in the shape of a starburst on the windshield is called the star-break. Star Break spread outward and left unattended. Autoglass repair technicians replace it very easier

Bull’s Eye:

Bull’s is the most common crack that happens in the windshield. This is due to the impact of the broken glass pieces. It is in the shape of a circle and smaller in size.

Half Moon:

Halfmoon and Bull’s Eye are quite similar, The difference between a half-moon and Bull’s Eye is it doesn’t make a complete circle. Just in the shape of a semi-circle. Automotive glass technicians make it easy to repair.

These cracks are hard to repair because they make tiny multiple cracks. When half-moon cracks, occurs it’s better to replace it.

Floated crack:

These cracks start at the central part. These cracks are not fixed they spread. The tiny crack is not directed in the vision of the dinner. So, it is easy to repair.

Stress Crack:

Stress cracks are also known as edge cracks because the crack begins at the edge. It is mainly due to the glass become old. These cracks are from two to -,yen inch by length. The only solution to the crack is, the windshield should be removed and replaced immediately.


Chip is a type of windshield crack, that is exposed due to different weather conditions. It mainly occurs in the summer season, in case of an air conditioner inside the car blast. These are dangerous, when you notice chop crack then change it is important. Because it starts spreading rapidly.

Long crack:

These cracks are long. This crack wide-spread over 15cm long. As it is long it is difficult to repair.

Windshield Leads


Knowing the type and is necessary because it is convenient to decide to repair or replace the windshield. With a safe windshield, we drive safely.