Silma Marketing The Best Of SEO As per Your Requirement

The Best Of SEO As per Your Requirement

קידום אתרים בגוגל
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Before giving you the SEO tips that will allow you to gain places in the rankings, a short definition of the acronym קידום אתרים בגוגל SEO is essential.

Definition: SEO or Search Engine Optimization includes all optimization techniques for indexing a website and positioning web pages at the highest level in search results. We call SEO friendly a properly optimized web page according to the criteria defined by Google.

Now that SEO has no secrets for you, here are SEO tips selected for you from the recommendations of Google to optimize the natural referencing of your website.

קידום אתרים בגוגל

קידום אתרים בגוגל

The title of your pages with the title tag

It may sound simple and obvious, but make sure your pages all have a title with a title tag title. This tag must be completed and must be a description of the actual page and not of the site as a whole. The title must include the main keywords of the page, be unique and must not exceed 60 to 65 characters. The title tag is displayed in Google’s search results.

The Meta description of your web pages

The description should not only describe a web page, but it should also “sell” it. The description of your page is displayed in the search results, so it should encourage the user to click on your link rather than another. The Meta description must also include the keywords of your page, be unique and not exceed 156 characters.

Google is testing the display of longer Meta descriptions in its search results. They can now be displayed on 4 lines instead of 2 lines from 160 to 330 characters. If your Meta descriptions are not long enough, Google will use it in the content of your page.

The hierarchy of your content using the semantic tags H1, H2

When we talk about the titles defined by the h1, h2, h 3, h4, h5, h6 tags, the W3c World Wide Web Consortium tells us:

A title briefly describes the subject of the section it introduces. This means that a title will describe by explicitly summarizing the paragraph it presents. When you classify the titles and sub-titles of your page by ranking them, you bring a notion of value to each of your titles. An H1 title should, therefore, summarize the general subject of your page an H6 title will summarize a very detailed section of the subject on your page.

Authentication of the author and the publisher

Google is the number one search engine, but Google+ is not yet the number of social networks. Google+ is the social network of Google and the one to favor by your company to optimize your SEO. Google plus allows you to link your website to a google plus account.

The association between your Google+ page and your website is recommended for the following reasons:

  • It allows you to get in touch with your friends, fans, customers and prospects
  • It is effective for local referencing (Google My Business)

A Google+ page provides Google with information that helps determine the relevance of your site to a user’s query made on Google Search. It also allows Google to authenticate the author of a web page with Authorship. Authorship is now replaced by the Publisher ship, the avatar of the Google+ profile can be displayed in the search results provided that you are surfing while connected to G +.

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