Silma Gardening The ultimate checklist for moving to France

The ultimate checklist for moving to France

Déplacement en français
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Déplacement en français requires certain checklists for you to have an effective relocation experience. This checklist contains some of the mandatory steps you need to follow for déplacement en français.

Shifting to France might be exciting and thrilling. But however, before diving into the beauty of France and exploring things you should first clear out the boring stuff. You have to deal with many things while moving to France. You should not only take good care pf your belongings, but you should also know what to do and the procedure of the country to allow you to stay in France.

You need to pay more attention to the bureaucratic aspects of moving to France.  You should take care of the registration with the authorities and log your address and proofs. You should also take mandatory health insurance to be in the country.

Requirements before moving to France

You will need to fulfil certain requirements before moving to France. Some nationalities will need a visa to enter France while some will not consider visa. If you are coming in as a resident then you will need a resident permit. If you are visiting France for work or to study then you will require a work permit or a student visa respectively.

Déplacement en français

Sometimes, you will need to find a job before moving to France because of the county’s work permit id linked with the residency status.

Registration in France

The most important thing to do once you reach France is to register yourself with the French authorities. You should complete this paper works within three months. Your register will be prolonged to three months because you will need to undergo various tests in order to get successfully registered by the French authorities.

The registration process would include interviews and medical examinations. If you are planned to stay long in France then you will need to visit the OFII office or else you will be required to register in the local government officials from the place you are staying.

To do after registering

After completing your registration, it is important to open a French bank account. This will make your transactions in France smoother. Sometimes, it might be a need to open a bank account to pay for wages and rent. Also, you will be able to open a french bank account even before coming to France. Talk to the bank authorities before opening a bank account.

You will need a residential proof in France along with your passport to open a bank account in France.

Another major thing you need to do is to register for health insurance. You have to be eligible according to the state option to access the awesome french health care. If you don’t come under the state option then you have to opt for private health care insurance.

Setting up your home

You need to set up your home from scratch when you relocate to France. You have to find suitable furniture, set up a TV and internet connection. You have to buy utilities for gas and electricity and also find out the locality services and the rules to be followed. France might be different from any other country you come from.

Also, take note of all the emergency helplines in France.

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