Silma Marketing Types of Renewable Energy: Future of Energy

Types of Renewable Energy: Future of Energy

Power to Choose energy
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Renewable energy is the energy that has been derived from the earth’s natural resources that don’t seem to be finite or exhaustible, like wind and daylight. Renewable energy is an alternative Power to Choose energy to the standard energy that depends on fossil fuels, and it tends to be abundant less harmful to the setting.


Solar energy comes by capturing energy from daylight and changing it into heat, electricity, or predicament. electrical phenomenon (PV) systems will convert direct daylight into electricity through the utilization of star cells.


One of the advantages of solar power is that daylight is functionally endless. With the technology to read it, there’s a limitless provision of solar power, which means it may render fossil fuels obsolete. looking forward to solar power instead of fossil fuels additionally helps the United States of America improve public health and environmental conditions. within the future, solar power may additionally eliminate energy prices, and within the short term, scale back your energy bills. several federal native, state, and federal governments additionally incentivize the investment in solar power by providing rebates or tax credits.

Current Limitations

Although solar power can prevent cash within the end of the day, it tends to be a big direct price associate degreed is a fantastic expense for many households. for private homes, owners additionally ought to have ample daylight and house to rearrange their star panels, which limits UN agency will realistically adopt this technology at the individual level.


Wind farms capture the energy of wind flow by victimization turbines and changing it into electricity. There area unit many sorts of systems accustomed convert wind energy and every variety. industrial grade wind-powered generating systems will power many alternative organizations, whereas single-wind turbines area unit accustomed facilitate supplement pre-existing energy organizations. Another type is utility-scale wind farms, that area unit purchased by contract or wholesale. Technically, wind energy may be a kind of solar power. The development we tend to decision “wind” is caused by the variations in temperature within the atmosphere combined with the rotation of Earth and therefore the geographics of the world. [1]

Power to Choose energy


Wind energy may be a clean energy supply, which suggests that it doesn’t foul the air like different sorts of energy. Wind energy doesn’t manufacture greenhouse gas or unharness any harmful product which will cause environmental degradation or negatively have an effect on human health like smogginess, acid rain, or different heat-trapping gases.[2] Investment in wind energy technology may also open up new avenues for jobs and job coaching because the turbines on farms ought to be serviceable and maintained to stay running.

Current Limitations

Since wind farms tend to be in-built rural or remote areas, they’re sometimes faraway from active cities wherever the electricity is required most. Wind energy should be transported via transition lines, resulting in higher prices. though wind turbines manufacture little or no pollution, some cities oppose them since they dominate skylines and generate noise. Wind turbines additionally threaten native life-like birds, that area unit typically killed by hanging the arms of the rotary engine whereas flying.


Dams area unit what individuals most associate once it involves electricity power. Water flows through the dam’s turbines to supply electricity, referred to as pumped-storage hydropower. Run-of-river hydropower uses a channel to funnel water through instead of powering it through a dam.

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