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Useful tracking phone calls on mobile phone

track phone calls
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Tracking a phone call is not an easy job. We did not have permission to track every human phone. It is considered as an illegal thing. It should act against the government. So first we should inform the police to track the number or call. Then they should verify the person and about their background. Some businessmen should do illegal business through mobile phones. The Tax department should notice the phone calls through the police order. Then only they should collect the evidence against the criminals. A Call tracking system gives many useful things to society. We should track phone calls to find the criminals. The police officer also should reach the criminals on time. It is helpful to them. Many criminal activities should be reduced through this call tracking system. It gives many useful things to girls. In this society, girls need safety and security. So they expect the safe call tracking system. It is important for every woman. We should use this call tracking system through our mobile phone. For that purpose, people should buy a mobile phone. Through this system phone sales should be increased. It is also useful to the company. We did not need quantity in mobile phones. We need quality for their use. Then only the customer should like mobile phones.

track phone calls

Steps to track incoming and outgoing call   

New beginners did not know about the call tracking system. So we give some steps to track incoming and outgoing calls. It is useful and easy f beginners. They should easily understand the tracking system. Few steps are revealed to clarify the doubts of the customer. They are

  • Create a pan Spy account – first, we should create the account in the app. We should fill the details of the customer. After that, we should sign in the account from the top right corner. After that, it asks to enter the mail id and their password. We should enter the both mail id and password. That mail id is useful to register our mobile number. So that must be entered on the internet. After entering the details we should confirm the account. Then only the account should be activated. Then we should choose the operating system to track phone calls.
  • Select a subscription – in every app, it asks subscription to activate or continue the account. In this account, we have two subscriptions like premium and ultimate. Both the subscription has one month pack. So we should choose one pack to activate our account. We should also check the price details. After that, we should confirm the subscription package. It is useful to the customer.
  • Install pay spy app – after we should select the subscription we have a link to download. Through that link, we should download and install the pay spy app. It is useful to them. We have an icon for that call tracking system. We should set that icon on the home screen for our use.
  • Start tracking outgoing and incoming – after finish the setup process we should have a phone call. We should covert the phone call into the panel. It should track the number easily. We should have a list on the screen about the phone number. We should have each category like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and browsing histories. We just click calls on the left side of the dashboard. Simply we should track the phone calls.

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